Man Charged With Robbery Over Cup Of Cappuccino

Photo: KOIN

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN 6) – Prosecutors have filed charges against a 27-year-old man who is accused of pouring himself a cappuccino a without paying, court documents state.

Steven D. Willis was arraigned Monday on charges of third-degree robbery and third-degree theft. Multnomah County deputy district attorney Kelley A. Cloyd said officers with Portland Police responded to Southeast 60th and Stark to investigate a theft that occurred early Friday morning.

Officers spoke with Ki Han, the owner of the nearby Union 76 convenience store, who told them that Willis came into the store earlier this month, poured himself a cappuccino and left without paying. “At the time, the store was too busy to confront Willis,” Cloyd wrote in regards to Han’s actions.

On Friday, Han told police that Willis came back to the store and poured himself a cappuccino and walked out without paying, court documents state. Han followed Willis and told him that he needed to pay. “Willis tuned back quickly toward Mr. Han in an aggressive manner and moved his right hand under his jacket as if he were reaching for a gun,” Cloyd wrote.

Han told police that he saw something in Willis’ hand, but it was smaller than a gun, court documents state. Willis reportedly said “Don’t mess with me,” court documents state. A scuffle ensued between Willis and Han, court documents state.

When police searched Willis they say they found pepper-spray in his jacket’s pocket.

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