Family Speaks Out After Local Cemetery Gets Damaged

Families are outraged after they show up to to pay respects to their loved ones, only to realize grave sites were driven over by a bulldozer.

Many of you expressed your frustration by reaching out to us through iReport8.

“This really is sickening it makes me want to vomit,” said Lynn Howell. “If you look around and you see the utter disrespect that happened here.”

Tire ruts, busted urns, and holes were what greeted many family members at Dale Memorial Park on Tuesday.

Howell says she has several loved ones buried here and what makes her even more upset is she only heard about the damage through the grapevine.

“They haven’t had enough common decency to say there has been a problem out here or any kind of notice, you walk out here and you are blind sided,” said Howell

As the news spread, more and more people showed up at the cemetery, one of those people being Shane Kinton who’s late wife is buried here.

“And it’s not just my wife, other peoples wives, sisters, brothers, you know it’s horrible,” said Kinton

We reached out to the Memorial Park, who sent us a statement. It reads:

“We are committed to providing all families with a well-maintained environment for visitation and remembrance at Dale Memorial Park.  The winter weather has been especially harsh and as a result the grounds have suffered from the elements.   We empathize with our client families and understand their concerns about the cemetery grounds. Occasionally due to circumstances beyond our control, our property requires additional maintenance which we conduct as professionally and as quickly as possible. We do have a crew scheduled to come in next week and weather permitting the crew will perform grounds cleanup, lay topsoil, straw and seed. We value the relationships we have with our families and encourage anyone with concerns to contact us directly. The tire tracks were created due to the wet grounds and are from our cemetery equipment. This is the type of grounds repair that we are planning to work on next week.”

Stay with 8News for any updates to this developing story.

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