Chesterfield County’s Proposed Budget Focuses On Public Safety & Education

Chesterfield County’s proposed budget continues to focus on investing in public safety and education. This year’s proposed budget includes a 2% raise for teachers, but unlike last year supervisors are not looking at increasing property taxes. The county is also considering hiring 28 more teachers to reduce class sizes.

“It’s definitely what our kids need, I know my kids are fortunate enough to have a helper in the classroom most days but I can tell you right now that is going to be good for them,” said Chesterfield parent Jason Lacy.

Lacy says he still thinks teachers in the county are underpaid but is happy with the proposal and reducing class sizes.

“They’re moving in the right direction and I’d like to see this continue to grow,” said Lacy.

“I think that the 2% is a good first step,” said Donald Wilms with the Chesterfield Education Association.

Wilms says while he’s happy teachers are getting something instead of no raise, he thinks the county has a ways to go because of cuts that educators have had to endure for years.

“It’s been many years that teachers have had pay cuts, raises that were actually paying back the pay that was cut,” said Wilms.

Meanwhile the county is also using money to improve school buses. Supervisors will hold a series of community meetings before voting on a budget next month.

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