Caught On Camera: Man Takes Off With Toddler, Sister Helps Save Him

Deputies are hoping new surveillance footage will help them catch a man who attempted to abduct a 22-month-old child from a park in Washington state Sunday night.

Father of the child Michael Wright told KXLY-TV that he was at work when the incident unfolded. Wright says he left baby Owen and his two siblings with their babysitter on Sunday. The three children were playing alone at a park when an unknown suspect ripped Owen out of the stroller and took off down the street.

“I can’t explain the feeling, the anxiety and everything that goes into finding out your child is missing or something has happened to them,” Wright said.

Fortunately, witnesses say Owen’s brother and sister chased down the suspect.

They say the sister’s screams hampered the suspect’s efforts to get away with Owen. He dropped the child off in a vacant lot.

“I told that little girl, I said, ‘Honey, you did exactly what you needed to do. Scream your head off.’ That’s what saved that baby. Her screaming and us running,” said witness Dorothy Giddings.

Deputies tell KXLY that they are following up on leads. The video is helping them paint a clear description of the suspect.

Fortunately, the toddler was not injured.

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