Think Spring, Eagles. Think Spring.

Photographs captured from the Pennsylvania Game Commission's eagle camera at Codorus State Park on March 5.

Think you’ve had it up to your neck with snow? Try being one of the bald eagles at Codorus State Park in Pennsylvania.

The eagles took dedication and parenting to a whole new level Thursday as several inches of snow covered their nest near Lake Marburg, 8News sister station WHTM reports.

As the snow piled higher, one of the eagles remained on the nest and the pair’s two eggs – even when everything was covered but the bird’s head.

Click HERE to see even more photos of the eagles.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission, which placed a camera at the nest and has a live stream on its website, assures us that the eagles and their eggs will be just fine. Bald eagles nest as far north as Maine, Alaska and Canada and begin nesting as early as January.

Hang in there, eagles. Those eggs should hatch in two or three weeks.

The Game Commission’s eagle live stream can be found HERE:





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