Curious Octopus Makes A Break For It At Seattle Aquarium

(Photo: Seattle Aquarium)

Octopuses have certainly been making waves lately.

The newest cephalopod to cause a stir is a Giant Pacific Octopus at the Seattle Aquarium caught on video trying to climb out of his tank as the surrounding crowd gasped and giggled in surprise.

See for yourself:

The octupus is named Ink. The little guy barely had his third tentacle over the edge of the glass before an aquarium employee ended his grand adventure and tipped him back into the tank.

Ink is a recent addition the octopus exhibit of the aquarium and officials say when the video was taken last month, he was just exploring his new surroundings. As a safety precaution, the aquarium has placed a cover over the enclosure until Ink gets better accustomed to his new home.

The Seattle Aquarium collects its octopuses from the Puget Sound, noting the location from where each animal was taken. Eventually all of the animals are returned to the sound, often almost to the exact spot from where they originally came.

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