7-Month-Old Thrown From Van in Crash Survives; 1st Responders Find Her Smiling

(Photo: ABC6)

Thanks to a sturdy car seat (and maybe a little bit of a miracle), 7-month-old Madison survived a car crash that threw her 25 feet from the vehicle.

Madison, her mother and a 15-year-old girl were inside their van when it was struck on the side by a car that ran a red light, according to 8News affiliate ABC6.

The baby, still in her car seat, was thrown through the window on impact.

“They said her eyes were closed — literally closed and she was face down in the car seat,” said Alicia Lewis. “When they flipped her over they thought she was dead.  Then they said her eyes opened and she started smiling.”

Aside from a small bruise on Madison’s forehead, she suffered no injuries.

“You looking at her like, wow, she doesn’t even know what’s going on,” said Lewis. “She was the one in the trauma and we’re traumatized but she’s not.”

The family says this is nothing short of a miracle, and they feel God does not make mistakes.

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