Tow Trucks Drivers See Increase in Calls Due to Ice, Snow

Keith McKenney with Dennis' Towing and Recovery says he saw almost 20 accidents Thursday due to icy road conditions.

The snow and ice kept tow truck drivers extra busy Thursday.

Keith McKenney is one of the drivers working around the clock at Dennis’ Towing and Recovery in Richmond.

“I’ve seen a lot of people hit the guardrails, hit the ditches, flip over,” he said.

“I keep my workers as close as possible so we can respond as quick as possible,” said Owner Dennis Gentry.

The company tows for state police as well as city jobs. And when sleet and snow are involved, that means an increase in calls–primarily for accidents on major roads.

“Lot of accidents on 64 and 295 because everybody’s driving all over the snow, so they’re going into the ditches and stuff,” said McKenney.

McKenney says most of those happen when drivers go too fast on slick roads…

And although it means good business, there’s always a risk. So these drivers have a reminder to those on the road:

“They need to move over to the next lane instead of driving beside us while we’re trying to do an accident or tow someone who’s broke down,” said McKenney.

Gentry says he expects to get more calls overnight as the temperatures will stay below freezing, and some roads may be very icy until Friday morning.

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