Tampa Police Save Dog Found Shot, Tied To Railroad Tracks

(Photo: WFLA)

Police officers in Tampa, Florida made a horrific discovery when responding to shots fired in the Sulphur Springs area Wednesday night: a young dog shot multiple times and tied to railroad tracks.

Police responded to the area after three calls came in around 5:23 p.m. Just north of Eskimo Drive, Officer Gina Murphy found a 1- or 2-year-old mixed breed dog that had been shot twice in the neck and above the right shoulder and tied to railroad tracks with a belt, but was alive.

Officers Nick Wilson and Sgt. R. Mills freed the dog from the tracks and rushed her to the Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Service. Tampa police have named the sweet dog “Cabela.”

Click HERE to see a gallery of dramatic pictures from the rescue.

As of Thursday morning, Cabela is in stable condition, resting and getting ready for surgery.

Cabela (Photo: WFLA)
Cabela (Photo: WFLA)

Dr. Niedenn at the Tampa Bay Veterinary Emergency Service says Cabela needs to have her leg amputated, but that she’s not strong enough for surgery yet. Once her breathing is stronger the vet will perform surgery Thursday or Friday.

Niedenn describes the dog as a “good girl” but a little nervous and intimidated.

Police say there were no witnesses. Police say someone in the public needs to come forward to help solve the case.

Please contact the Tampa Police Department at (813) 276-3200 with any information about who hurt the dog and/or who owns this dog.

Anyone who would like to make a donation to Cabela’s recovery can call the vet at (813) 265-4043.

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