Dash Cam Shows Semi Truck Narrowly Miss Ohio State Trooper, Driver

An Ohio state trooper recently saved himself and another driver from being hit by a semi truck, and he has the dash cam footage to prove it.

According to ABC affiliate WTGV in Toledo, trooper Stephen Zientek pulled over on I-475 to assist a driver with a dead car battery.

Zientek invited the driver, Mike Celusta, to warm up in his squad car. As shown in the video above, Zientek then all of a sudden yells to warn Celusta of the semi that was approaching them before both jump over the guardrail to safety.

Seconds later, the video shows the semi crash into both cars.

Celusta said he believes Zientek saved his life.

“As soon as he says, ‘look out!’ I just went,” Celusta told WVTG. “I couldn’t see what was happening, so I just jumped over the rail.”

WVTG reports that the driver of the semi truck was cited.

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