Parents, Students Weigh In About Making Up Snow Days

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Two big snow storms in the past two weeks have eaten away at school snow days. So far, Chesterfield County is the only local school system that has adjusted its calendar because of the winter weather, announcing last week it would be adding 15 minutes to the end of each day starting March 2nd through April 30th.

Now the school system has to deal with two more days missed this week. We asked parents if they were worried this could dip into spring or summer break.

“I’d rather them be home safe when there’s ice on the roads, and you know if they miss a couple days of summer or spring break, it is what it is,” said parent Craig Grizzard.

“I don’t think they’re going to do that because so many people plan trips that I think they’re going to try and avoid that at all costs,” added parent Matt Knight.

Meanwhile, Richmond and Hanover counties say because of the days missed this week they will evaluate whether any adjustments need to be made to the calendar.

Henrico and Petersburg tell us they have not used all the days they have built into the calendar for weather or other possible emergencies.

Chesterfield says they have no updates about calendar adjustments at this time. Some students say they’re not that concerned about going to school a few extra days if they have to.

“I’m not that worried because last year we had to add a couple of days but it wasn’t really that bad,” said Chesterfield student Rachel Knight.

In addition to adding 15 minutes to everyday Chesterfield also eliminated early release Wednesday of this week and on March 25th.


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