U of R Athletics: S. Jones’s obscene gesture not aimed at VCU

Around 10:00 PM Monday night, a picture appeared on twitter that had many a VCU Ram and Richmond Spider fan talking.

The picture shows UR sophomore guard ShawnDre’ Jones offering an obscene gesture to the camera with a similarly extreme caption below, a caption that is directed at VCU.

Today, the Richmond Athletic Department released a statement claiming that the post was part truth and part hoax.

“Jones made an inappropriate gesture in a temporary lapse of judgment in a Snapchat post,” the statement read. “An unknown third party took a screen shot of that post and affixed the words “F** VCU” to the picture to make it appear that Jones wrote those words himself.”

The statement continued, “The picture was then distributed by a discontinued Twitter account that falsified its representation as a Richmond fan. The post was sent with the obvious intention of arousing controversy before the Richmond-VCU game.”

Richmond and VCU will play Wednesday night at the Robins Center. This is the second meeting between the two teams this season. The Spiders beat the Rams 64-55 at the Siegel Center on January 31st. Jones scored six points in 16 minutes in the win.

The statement gives no indication that Jones will miss Wednesday’s game due to the incident.

“The Richmond Athletic Department and the men’s basketball team are committed to a culture of sportsmanship surrounding all actions of our players and staff,” the statement reads. “We have handled this situation internally with an eye towards education and making sound judgment.”

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