Tips For Cutting The Cord On Cable To Stream TV Instead

(Photo: Apple)

It can be expensive to pay for cable TV. But it seems like more people are moving to stream their favorite shows from the internet. Now cutting the cord may be the way to go.

Keith Atchinson, from the FUSION Interactive Group, joined 8News sister station WTNH to talk about the most popular streaming devices now.

Here is what he suggests:

1. Roku 3 ($100)
o More than 2,000 channels
o High Definition streaming
o Stream subscriptions services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Watch ESPN, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, or Showtime through the box
o You can use Pandora, YouTube, Ted and Vevo to watch shows, listen to music or watch videos
o You can even play some mobile apps through the device right through Google Play.
o Remote control comes with a headphone jack

2. Amazon Fire TV ($100)
o Amazon Prime provides you with a wide variety of TV shows, kid shows and movies to choose from.
o Amazon sells a separate video game controller to make playing apps easier.
o Very speedy interface
o Voice search feature

3. Apple TV ($100)
o A must for big Apple users
o All purchases from your other Apple devices will automatically share right to your Apple TV and are accessible immediately from the box.
o You can still stream the Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, etc.. through the AirPlay interface
o Video from your other devices and apps within the Apple TV come in super smooth and crisp.

4. Use one of the Sticks- Google Chrome, Fire TV Stick or Roku Stick ($35 – $50)
o Stream content right from your tablet or smartphone without the need for a box.
o Plugs right in to your HDMI port in your TV to connect with your mobile device.

What you need to know if you decide to cut the cord:

1. Do some research first. Cord-cutting is not for everyone. Make a list of all of the channels and shows that you can’t live without and make sure there is an option for streaming them from the web.

2. Make sure your internet speed is high enough to stream multiple shows at once. Especially if you are a family who will want to watch more than one show at once. Netflix suggests 5 Mbps (megabits per second) but that is only going to be good for one video to stream at a time. 10 Mbps would be ideal for most homes.Test your speed during peak usage times (6pm – 10pm at night. Call your internet provider to ask about the highest level of service in your area.

3. Get an HD antenna for your major networks (ABC, Fox, NBC and CBS). You may get a few other networks as well. This tool will help you decide what type of antenna you need.

4. Decide which streaming device you want to use.

5. Figure out which streaming services (Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Prime, etc…) are best for you.

6. And for the most complete transition, get a Web TV service like Dish’s new Sling service to ensure you are getting all of the cable channels you love and are used to watching. Dish’s Sling offers TNT, TBS, HGTV, ESPN, ESPN2 and many more of the most watch cable networks.

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