Crews Search for Water Line Break in Petersburg

People in Petersburg may have low water pressure right now because of a water line break.

“We are still getting water, but the pressure is real low,” says Mark Lewis, owner of the VA Flavor Restaurant in Petersburg.

The water line is leaking somewhere in the South Crater Road area between Sycamore St. and the Prince George line. However, public works crews don’t know exactly where the leak is taking place. Crews are working throughout the night, trying to find the problem. Display boards have also been posted around town asking residents to conserve water.

“We’ve seen a slight decrease in water pressure, but nothing to the extent that would cause any issues with our patients or any of the services we provide,” says Terry Tysinger, the spokesperson for Southside Regional Medical Center. “There is no break in any of our services. All of our surgeries are on, all of our procedures are on, all of our in patients are comfortable.”

As for business owner Mark Lewis, he told 8News anchor Ava-joye Burnett that he’s just happy this isn’t a repeat of what happened in the same area last year when a huge water main break left some people with no water at all.

“Some is better than none, because if we have no water, we have to close,” says Lewis.

The city says residents will not have to boil their water. If you have a problem with your water, call 804-733-2407.

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