Bionic Implants Allow Blind Man To See Wife For First Time In 10 Years

(Photo: YouTube/Mayo Clinic)

A heartwarming moment was captured on video when a Minnesota man was finally able see his wife of 45 years with the aid of a bionic eye implant.

68-year-old Allen Zderad was overcome with emotion when he recognized his wife coming into his field of vision. Talking himself through what he was seeing, Zderad described a pulsing light with shapes for him to interpret.

Although Zderad was experiencing sight for the first moment in over 10 years, he recognized his wife and was able to shake hands with the doctor next to him — as if he could see all along.

“It’s crude but it’s significant,” Zderad tells the doctor in the video. “It’ll work!”

Zderad later becomes tearful while embracing his wife and practicing the new bionic eye gear.

According to People, Zderad had been diagnosed with a genetic degenerative eye disease, which began seriously inhibiting his vision 20 years ago. The success of the bionic implant represents hope for Zderad and his family as his 13-year-old grandson has inherited the disease.

Watch the video below:

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