UPDATE: North Chesterfield Neighborhood Goes Without Mail For Nearly A Week

Folks in one Chesterfield neighborhood are speaking out after going nearly a week without mail. Last week’s winter weather is reportedly to blame. But those affected say there’s no reason why snow on Tuesday should mean no mail until Saturday.

“Last week, I did not receive any mail at all,” says Linda Lisk. She lives in the Surreywood subdivision, where she and her neighbors waited all week for mail.

“I didn’t get any. I didn’t get any from Saturday to Saturday. It was very strange,” adds neighbor Janis Ames. Ames acknowledges Tuesday’s snow storm may have delayed delivery, but wonders why that meant no mail until the weekend.

“I had shoveled totally around my mailbox as we’re supposed to but I still didn’t get any,” says Ames, “I went out every single day and didn’t get anything. Finally, the mail came on Saturday and I understand it came twice on Saturday, go figure.”

What’s even more frustrating for the folks on Dell Drive is that neighbors on other streets received their mail on schedule.

Lisk says she complained to her local post office but no one there could tell her where her mail was or when it was even going to be delivered.
“It’s very frustrating. very, very frustrating. We always have problems with the mail,” says Lisk.

A spokesperson for the US Postal Service says icy roads delayed hundreds of mail deliveries in the Richmond area. She couldn’t confirm if that was what happened in Surreywood, where the neighborhood association is drafting a letter to the local post office addressing all of the complaints.

Follow Up:

We spoke with the Richmond Postmaster about the mail problems in Surreywood. He explained that delivery depends on road conditions and that some of the streets in that neighborhood were just too icy for delivery.

Postal carriers make the initial decision not to deliver, but there is a system in place to ensure it’s the right decision. “Every time we get a report that we’re unable to make delivery in a certain area,” says Postmaster Howard O’Connor, “We do send a supervisor or manager out there to verify the fact that there are dangerous conditions and that we cannot make deliveries. So our carrier safety is of our upmost importance.”

The postmaster also emphasized how important it is for homeowners to make sure the snow is cleared away from their mailboxes, as well as their sidewalks and porches, so that carriers can safely deliver the mail. If you have a problem with mail delivery and want to make a legitimate complaint, don’t call your local post office.

Call  1-800-ask-usps. The folks who answer that number will open up a case and forward it to the appropriate post office for a follow-up within 48 hours.

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