Chance of Flurries Monday Morning

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Wow—we hit 50 degrees today! And to think only two days ago we were in the negatives…

We’ve been stuck in this cold pattern for a while now, but don’t get too excited after today’s brief warmth. Tomorrow we’re plunging back down.

Tonight we’ll see partly cloudy skies and lows around 30 degrees. The window for below freezing temperatures will be from about 3am through 8am, so that will certainly be long enough to refreeze standing rain/snow melt that is pooled on the ground and sidewalks. Winds tonight are north at 4-8mph. Rain showers to our south will move northeast and scrape extreme southeast VA early tomorrow with either a sprinkle or flurry.

It’s possibly that this sprinkle or flurry may make it as far north as the Tri-Cities from 6-10am tomorrow, but 8News weather experts don’t anticipate this being enough to cause problems for the commute.

The rest of us will be dry, with increasing sun in the afternoon. Highs are back near freezing (so much for the warmup). Skies are clear tomorrow night and that will allow us to drop back into the teens.

Tuesday doesn’t look much better in terms of warmth, with sunny skies becoming partly sunny in the afternoon, and highs just shy of freezing.

We’ll see another brief mild day, though still cooler than normal, on Wednesday. Temperatures top out in the upper 40’s. Models differ on the forecast for Thursday, so we’re going a bit more on the pessimistic side for now.

A system to our south will move northeast up the coast, and bring us the chance for some snow on Thursday. This will be another glancing blow, as we are the far northern edge of this system before it slides off shore. Some models keep it shunted completely to our south, so that’s also another scenario to watch. Highs Thursday are in the low 30’s.

Friday rounds out the work week on an equally cold note, with highs near freezing…yet again. Lucky for us, it looks like we may finally break this pattern. A warming trend begins on Saturday and lasts through at least early next week.

Saturday we’ll push to a high near 40. But wait…it gets better. Sunday looks mostly cloudy, but highs will top out in the low 50’s. Yes…it gets better…Monday, while it looks to bring rain, should bring us highs in the upper 50’s to even near 60.

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