Snow-Bound Residents Anxious for Crews to Clear Side Streets

Photo courtesy: Chris Conway

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Crews across central Virginia continue to tackle snow covered roads as many local residents are hoping to see plows very soon.

Most of the major roads in our area are clear, but many secondary and side streets haven’t been touched.

In one south Richmond neighborhood, an elderly couple says getting their road plowed could be a matter of life and death.

“It is a problem,” Carrie McSween told 8News senior reporter Nate Eaton.  She says she and her husband, Melvin, are stuck, stranded, and need something done fast.

“I got a doctor appointment tomorrow and I gotta get out of here,” said Melvin McSween.

“I cancelled one today,” Carrie McSween said.  “I couldn’t get out.”

The couple lives at the end of Fairpont drive in south Richmond.

Both have serious health problems and can’t leave their home until their road is plowed.

“We do be waiting days,” said Carrie McSween.  “We do be waiting days.”

Inches of snow still remained in front of the McSween’s home Tuesday night.

The couple says when plows finally do come through they generally stop right before their house because they are the only home in one section of the dead end street.

“It’s bad enough that if there was an emergency they would have problems getting up in here,” said Carrie McSween.

The McSween’s have complained to the city during previous winter storms, but every time it snows they say nothing gets done.

“We have to go thru this sort of thing every time there’s a storm like this,” said Carrie McSween.

City leaders tell 8news crews are beginning to tackle secondary streets and Fairpont drive is on the list.

Melvin and Carrie hope to see plows soon.

“Come down here and put some salt or sand down here,” said Melvin McSween.  “I’m not looking for them to shovel my property – just the street.”

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