8News Health Alert: Boost Your Health In Minutes

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Did you make a New Year’s resolution to exercise more, and already now, into February, you are losing steam?  Don’t give up just yet.  There are ways you can stay on track and give your health a big boost.

The music is pumping at Corner Barre, and Linda Carroll is keeping up with the beat.  Like everyone else these days, this Midlothian mom and wife has a never-ending to do list.  So when she can’t be at class, she lives it.

woman excersising“I’ll just do stuff while I’m standing at the counter, cooking, cleaning,” Carroll demonstrates how she rises to her toes over and over while washing some fruit at the kitchen sink.  It’s a ballet move she learned in barre class called a releve.

“Most people who try it fall in love with it and become addicted to doing it,” studio co-owner Bronwyn Conway talks about the versatility of the class she teaches several times a week.

HCA Cardiologist Dr. Denise Dietz of Chippenham Hospital agrees that learning exercises to take on the go is a healthy habit.  “We’re so busy with work and family and activities that we kind of need to think from a minute-to-minute, day-to-day perspective how we can make ourselves more active.”

Studies show as little as five minutes of exercise at a time can be effective, and there is a growing trend in learning moves to take on the go, like the plies and tucks at barre class.woman excersising.1

“It’s body resistance training, so essentially you can do it anywhere as long as you have something to balance with.  So you can do it during every day chores at your house,” Conway explains.

Adds Dr. Dietz, “Even the minimal amount of exercise if you just start including this in your daily routine can be beneficial.”

Dr. Dietz recommends talking with your own physician before starting a new workout, but you can benefit from an arm curl here and a pushup there.

Carroll says she has learned the technique and has been able to raise the bar for her health with everything she’s learned at barre.  “I definitely feel the definition in my arms and the firmness in my hips and thighs and legs, and that really helps a lot.”

Dr. Dietz also says you should talk with a certified instructor about any modifications or particular health issues you have before taking any class.  They can give you some ideas about what will work best and proper form.


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