8News Investigates: Realtors Warned of Suspicious Man Wanting to Meet Female Agents at Night

Local real estate agents are being urged to be on alert after several reports of a suspicious man requesting only female agents to show him houses at night.

According to reports, the man calls late at night and wants to work only with women. He demands to see homes they’re not even showing, all of which are red flags that have prompted an alert for all agents.

“It’s suspicious,” Southside Virginia’s Association of REALTORS’ David Patsel told 8News investigative reporter Kerri O’Brien.

It’s a reminder for realtors to use caution when showing a home.

The SVAR says this week several female agents in Central Virginia were contacted repeatedly by a man demanding they show him properties for sale late at night, homes listed in areas that the realtors don’t normally cover.

“This person was quite persistent and did not want to take no for an answer,” Patsel said. “And one particular agent, (he) called her seven or eight times for a house that she doesn’t even have on the market.”

The mysterious man wanted one realtor in Prince George to show him a property in Mechanicsville. When the realtor suggested meeting in daytime, he got nasty and refused.

“It was not acceptable to this person,” Patsel said. “He just wanted to meet right then and there.”

All of the agents quickly became suspicious and refused to meet the man, but the final red flag was when the caller refused to provide an email address or a telephone number.

“A lot of times when he was calling the number was block,” Patsel added.

Area police have been alerted of the suspicious man.

Realtors are reminded to meet clients they do not know at the office first or in a public place.

The SVAR also advises agents to ask a lot of questions before meeting a client, such as ‘are you approved for a loan?’ or ‘do you have a home you need to sell?’ and to get their phone number and email.

The SVAR also warns realtors to trust their instincts. If it feels off, it probably is.

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