Virginia’s 100th Brewery To Open In Carytown

Richmond continues to be a destination for craft beer breweries and one part of the area is about to get its first one: Carytown.

Garden Grove Brewery will open in just a few weeks right on W. Cary Street, next to Nacho Mama’s.

But what’s a first for Carytown is actually the 100th for the state. Garden Grove will become the 100th brewery in Virginia.

Owner and brewer Michael Brandt hopes that is a good omen.

“ What a blessing. It’s such an easy number to remember and makes us standout,” Brandt told 8News reporter Tim Wronka.

The brewery will fit right into the area like any other shop on Cary St.

“ We explained [to the city] that we weren’t really going to do anything different size wise than a restaurant, nothing really industrial,” Brandt said.

Co-owner Ryan Mitchell says they scouted many locations for their brewery but Carytown felt like home.

“One thing that drove us to Carytown is that walking traffic. The restaurants and those small shops that can make this more community based,” Mitchell said.

Inside the tasting room, the owners completely gutted the building, which was a furniture store, and they added some wine barrels as tables. That’s not a coincidence. Garden Grove is going to be one of the only breweries in the country that will offer some hybrids of beer and wine. Of course usual beers like IPAs and ales will also be available.

Being the 100th brewery is a big milestone for the state beer industry. Back in 2011, there were just 44 breweries. Kory Mohr, founder of says beer will continue to be a big part of Virginia economy.

“These are exiting times for beer drinkers. I think we’re far from seeing the bubble. I think as these new breweries are coming on board, and continue to innovate and do things differently than their predecessors, I think we’re going to see a good number of breweries coming down the road,” Mohr said.

Garden Grove is set to open on February 14th.

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