Va. Woman Fighting for More Gun Control

Nearly a year after three of her family members were murdered during a domestic dispute, a Virginia woman is fighting for more gun control.

Barbara Harrington’s sister, nephew and mother were shot by her brother in law before he turned the gun on himself.

“She was just so much fun to be around and she was just, she was my heart,” Harrington told 8News reporter Mark Tenia.

In a desperate plea to change Virginia’s law, Harrington is sharing her story this week in hopes that violent criminals will not be able to get their hands on guns. Her brother-in-law, Kevin Palmer, murdered her sister, Kristin, nephew, Griffin, and mother, Nancy, last year, after a restraining order had been filed against him.

“My mind is just filled with how much fear they must have had, how terrified they must have been,” Harrington said.

Lawmakers are proposing a bill that would revoke the gun rights of people convicted of violent misdemeanors. Currently gun rights are only revoked if you’re convicted of a felony. Harrington says her family asked police to take her brother-in-law’s guns away, but was told they couldn’t.

“Were the murderer’s rights more important than those of my murdered family?” Harrington said.

The proposed measure would only revoke a person’s gun rights for a year. After which those rights could be restored. Harrington says the bill is a step in the right direction, saying she’ll continue to fight, just as her sister did.

“People tell me I’m strong, no, my sister was the strong one.”

We reached out to the Virginia Citizens Defense League, a gun rights group, and asked for their reaction to the bill. They say they generally oppose anything that revokes gun rights for a misdemeanor but are still reviewing the language of the proposed bill.

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