GoDaddy Super Bowl Advertisement Pulled After Puppy Mill Controversy Sparked

Puppy mills, it’s a hot topic on the minds of Virginia lawmakers and one that’s making headlines after a recent Super Bowl ad was pulled before the big game!

At the end of the GoDaddy.Com commercial, a puppy who was lost, makes it back home only to be sold on a website built with Go-Daddy.

Critics say the commercial promotes puppy mills.

“Poor puppy whose been through all these experiences then gets home only to be found that the woman he comes to is simply a puppy mill breeder who is selling him on the internet,” said Robin Starr with the SPCA.

Here in Virginia, the SPCA is working to get laws passed that make it tougher on puppy mills.

Starr is pushing for a bill currently working it’s way through the Virginia General Assembly that would cut back on where breeders can sell dogs.

“It would prohibit the sales of puppies at flea markets and roadside stands which would eliminate one of the worst places for the sale of irresponsibly bred and not well cared for puppies,” said Starr.

The bill would also ban pet stores in Virginia from acquiring puppies from out of state breeders that don’t meet Virginia regulations.

The bill just passed the senate on Wednesday with a 39 – 0 vote. It will now head to the House.


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