Man Who Handed Out Resume At Train Station Now Hiring At The Same Spot

Alfred Ajani got a job after handing out his resume at a train station. Now employed, Ajani is looking to return the favor. (PHOTO: Twitter/Alfred Ajani)

It was only a couple months ago that Alfred Ajani was handing out his resume to strangers at a London train station in hopes of finding work.

Since then, Ajani has returned to the train station… only now, he’s employed and is looking to hire other employees at the same spot.

The 22-year-old gained a lot of respect from employed when the recent college grad was spotted this past August standing outside London’s Waterloo train station with a sign listing his qualifications.

“I knew I had to do something different to separate myself and stand out,” Ajani told 8News affiliate ABC7. “So while helping the young children at a charity SE1 United during a CV and employability workshop, we were all brainstorming ideas and this is what I came up with. I thought to myself it only has to work once and it did.”

Ajani’s unconventional efforts paid off after he was soon hired by the Asoria Group, a local recruitment consultant agency. On his first day, the company’s staff wore t-shirts that had his picture and #WelcomeFred on them, making Ajani feel just at home.

On Thursday, a now-employed Ajani returned to the same spot at the train station, but this time he had a different sign. It read: “Now I’m Hiring.”

Ajani is now a Marketing and PR Projects Manager, and has been given the responsibility of searching for new employees as his company expands.

“We have received over 280 CV’s now, we have been in contact with a few and should be coming in for interviews in the coming weeks,” Ajani said. When asked if Ajani had any advice for jobseekers, he said not to play it safe.

“My advice would be struggle to proceed and be ready to promote yourself today for a better tomorrow, safe is risky.”

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