Protestors March for Justice at State Capitol

Today dozens marched for justice in Richmond at the State Capitol, the latest in roughly a dozen marches since Thanksgiving.

And organizers say they won’t stop until there is change.

“I know a change is going to come,” sang one of the protesters.

These action items include getting rid of the box on employment applications asking if you’ve committed a felony, an independent review panel to investigate police misconduct and body cameras for all police officers.

Before the march, which started at the bell tower and ended at Lumpkins Jail, several of the leaders spoke to the crowd of about 70 people, telling them why marches and protests like this are important.

“If you’re African American and you believe that just because we have movies called ‘Selma’ we have voting rights acts, civil right acts….if you believe that just because we have theses things and we have an African American president that means you are free? You are being lied to,” claimed one speaker.

A young boy also had some words for fellow protestors.

“Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown. Everyone on the street dead. Can you believe it?” asked the young marcher.

“No!” responded the crowd.

The young protestor added, “We must get justice for them.”

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