L.C. Bird High Reopens On Monday After Fiery Crash Into School

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WRIC) — Classes will resume and athletic events will take place as scheduled at L.C. Bird High School on Monday.

The school announced Sunday evening that it will reopen after a vehicle struck the building last week and canceled classes Thursday and Friday.

Students are being asked to wear Skyhawks gear to show that the school is ‘Skyhawk strong.’

There will be a few changes that students notice when they return to school today. The biggest change will be an increased police presence.

Within seconds of arriving on scene, two officers approached the 8News crew to check in and see what they were up to.

The principal says that the new measure is really just out of an abundance of caution. The school has been closed since all of this happened early Thursday morning.

Police say someone sent a stolen van barreling through the entrance, sparking a fire. Since then, crews have been working hard to repair the building.

Students will notice some cosmetic changes here as they work to get everything back to normal. The building has passed all necessary steps in order to allow students back inside.

Meanwhile, police have also been working to catch whoever caused this mess. They say it appears to have been done on purpose, but the search was made more difficult because whoever did it left the scene.



The following email was sent from L.C. Bird’s principal to parents on Sunday:

“Good evening, this is Laura Hebert, principal of Bird High School with some exciting and important updates regarding the opening of school on Monday morning.

Tomorrow is GO TIME!  We will be open for business at our normal time, and I am excited to welcome each of you back.

We are asking the students to wear Skyhawks gear to show that we are Skyhawk Strong.

When your student arrives, he or she will notice an increased police presence out of an abundance of caution. These officers will also be a resource for any student, teacher or parent who may have information they feel like they need to share.

A special announcement for ninth- and 10th-grade Health and Physical Education classes: all ninth graders will remain in health for the next week; 10th graders will remain in Physical Education.  Other than that, school will operate on a normal schedule.

Athletic events will take place as scheduled; however, the Juvenile Court Driver’s License presentation has been moved to Thomas Dale High School.

Students and visitors may notice some cosmetic issues that will be addressed over the next few days and weeks; however, the necessary repairs have been made to restore the building to working order.  Our building has been checked and rechecked by the school division’s Facilities team, including the Environmental Health and Safety Office folks. The county’s Fire Marshal, a representative from the Building Inspector’s Office and also from the Health Department have been constant partners as well.

We are ready to be back. We are ready to show we are Skyhawk Strong…”

The investigation remains ongoing.

Stay with 8News for more information.

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