Richmond to Revamp Kanawha Plaza Ahead of This Fall’s Big Bike Race

Kanawha Plaza was built int he 1970s. Today, the cracks and dust are proof of its age.

“We could see from the pictures of the plaza today, it’s not been kept up,” Richmond City Council member Kathy Graziano told 8News reporter Ava-Joye Burnett. “It is in great disrepair.”

Thursday night, the city announced plans to revamp the plaza. Right across the street from the Manchester bridge and the downtown expressway, they want this to be a better welcome to the city.

“It’s going to be open so that it will be inviting,” Graziano said. “They imagine that they will put benches and tables in there, have food trucks park there, so it will be a park that we use.”

Private and government money will help pay for this facelift, and the hope is to have it done before thousands of visitors show up to the River City this fall for UCI Road World Championships

“We finally looked at (the plaza) and said this needs some repair work,” Graziano added. “And then we have the bicycle races coming and we want out city to look beautiful for the races.”

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