Mechanicsville’s Francois Ambang Fighting for More Than Glory

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – The first time you see Francois Ambang what’s immediately clear is his friendly nature. He smiles, he laughs, he will even bow when shaking your hand. You’d never once think he has the edge to be a professional kickboxer. That is until he steps into the ring.

Ambang trains ferociously at GOAL Performance Training, the same facility Tim Hightower used to rehab his serious knee injury, and coached by Craig Coles who is the head strength coach of the facility. He’ll do explosive workouts, run wind sprints, spar in the gym, even teach others how to kickbox. Don’t worry, he holds back there. All the work and commitment meant to vault him forward as a professional kickboxer.

He is currently the 10th best Welterweight kickboxer in the world and is steadily climbing the ranks. Every fighter, no matter what variation, wants to be a world champion at some point or come close. Francois has something more important in mind.

Ambang, originally from Cameroon, left his homeland in 2007 to pursue his dream to fight in the States. His journey from flying to Chicago, walking out on his boxing coach right at the flight terminal, and landing in Richmond all point toward his determination to meet his goal: get his family and children over to the United States.

Francois Ambang will fight next on February 6th at the Hampton Coliseum in Glory 19.

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