Chilling Video Shows Armed Suspect Forcing Texas Woman into Car Trunk, Driving Off

Surveillance footage shows a woman being forced into the trunk of her car at a bank in Arlington, Texas, Jan. 14, 2015. (Photo: Arlington Police)

Police released surveillance video Thursday of a brazen ATM robbery and kidnapping in Arlington, Texas, in hopes of identifying the suspect.

Video shows the victim pulling up to a drive-thru ATM at a Wells Fargo bank early in the morning on January 14 when she’s approached by a man who’s brandishing a gun. He can be seen ordering the woman into the trunk of her car then driving off with her.


Police say that the man ordered the victim to give him money from her account, driving her to different ATMs to withdraw more money.

The victim was eventually able to escape from her trunk and run to a nearby convenience store, police said. When she took police to where she left her car, it was gone, according to ABC affiliate WFAA.

The vehicle was found a short time later.

Police believe the man could be responsible for a robbery at the same Wells Fargo just before 3:00 a.m. involving a man using a walk-up ATM, the station reported.

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