Vacuum Cleaner Salesman Visits Autistic Boy’s Birthday Party, Makes His Day

(Photos: Jodie Greene)

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A local mother describes the birthday present given to her autistic son as the gift of a lifetime.

It’s all because of an everyday household item many of us take for granted.

It’s a chore some dread, a noise that some people despise, but for one local boy, It’s all he dreams of.

“Dylan, his interests pretty much revolves around vacuums,” said his Mother Jodie Greene.

Dylan Johnson, at 14-years-old has autism.

At just 2-years-old Dylan fell in love with Vacuums and by 5 was even dressing as a vacuum salesman for halloween.

“He means the world to me, my kids are everything to me,” said Greene.

That’s why for Dylan’s 14th birthday this past weekend, his mother wanted to do something extra special. She decided to contact Kirby vacuums.

“I had actually contacted them through Facebook, and emailed them and asked them to come do a demonstration,” said Greene.

After all, Dylan says Kirby’s are his favorite.

“Because they are powerful,” said Dylan.

“Every year we can’t afford to go buy him one, a vacuum like that,” said his father, Charles Greene.

The big birthday came, Kirby agreed to do the demonstration.

“He was very excited, that’s all he could talk about is he couldn’t wait for them to get here,” said his father.

But little did anyone know, Kirby had a surprise of their own.

vacuum party 2

“The last thing they did was shampoo the carpet, then after they shampooed it, he told Dylan he got to keep the Kirby, which that was the surprise that nobody imagined we didn’t have any idea that was going to happen,” said Jodie Greene

Kirby made Dylan the proud owner of a brand new Vacuum.

“I got a Kirby Vacuum,” said Dylan.

“As corny as it sounds, it was magical because I didn’t think it would happen and I got to see Dylan smile and be happy,” said Jodie.

“It just meant the world to us to see him so excited,” said his father.

And make no mistakes about it, this was a birthday Dylan will never forget.

“My best birthday present ever,” said Dylan describing his Vacuum.

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