Richmond Realtor Charged After Being Caught On Camera Allegedly Stealing From Home

Sarah Reeves was charged after allegedly stealing prescription pain medicine from a home she was showing. (Photos: Sarah Reeves Real Estate/Facebook, Homeowner)

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A realtor in the Richmond area has been arrested and charged after a homeowner captured surveillance video of her stealing things from his home.

Sarah West Reeves has been charged with felony possession of a schedule two narcotic and larceny after she allegedly took prescription pain medication from a home she was showing.

The homeowner, who does not wish to reveal their identity, caught Reeves after placing security cameras in various places in the house. Reeves was supposed to be showing the home at the time, the homeowner says, but there were no clients.

Video appears to show Reeves entering the home with no gloves on and then walking into a bedroom with gloves on. As she moved through the home, Reeves can be seen turning a light off as she enters the bedroom and then turning it back on.

Later on, Reeves is seen in surveillance downstairs, entering a pantry. There, she can be seen taking something from the pantry. Reeves then leaves the area of site before returning to replace the bottle. The homeowner says that Reeves poured the contents of the bottle into her own container before putting it back.

The homeowner has filed a complaint with the state agency that licenses realtors.

Click HERE to see 8News reporter Kristin Smith’s full report.

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