Area Realtor Caught On Camera Stealing From Home

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A local realtor caught on camera, allegedly stealing prescription medication from a house she was showing.

The man who owns the home where it happened, put in surveillance cameras after jewelry disappeared during an open house. He wanted to keep an eye on the people going through his home while it’s on the market.

Less than 24 hours after the camera’s went in, they captured a surprising scene.

Police say realtor Sarah West Reeves walked into the home bundled up in a coat and hat, but no gloves. That’s curious, because minutes later, she’s wearing gloves when she walks into the master bedroom, turns off the light and disappears in the bathroom.

The owner of the home in a west end neighborhood didn’t want to appear on TV, but he suspects Reeves didn’t want to leave fingerprints.

Camera footage downstairs shows Reeves opening a pantry door, looking inside, and grabbing a bottle of a prescription painkiller. She takes it into the kitchen and according to the homeowner, pours about a third of the bottle into a container and puts it in her purse.

“Police were then called, looked over the surveillance video and we were able to place two charges for what they saw on that video,” explains Captain Linda Toney of the Henrico County Police Department.

47-year-old Reeves is charged with felony drug possession and petit larceny.

She’s an agent at Long & Foster on Grove Avenue. The manager had no comment but the CEO of the Richmond Association of Realtors did.

Laura Lafayette says “This is just one bad apple but this is not reflective at all of the profession.”

She adds that most realtors are trustworthy, but suggests if you’re selling your house, you protect what’s important inside.

“As far as valuables go, jewelry, cash they should be in a safe box, under lock and key. It’s just smart to take that kind of basic precaution, ” says Lafayette.

8News reached out to Reeves and her attorney, but didn’t get a reply.

The homeowner has filed a complaint against Reeves with the state agency that licenses realtors. If convicted, she could lose her real estate license.

Stay with 8News for updates.

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