Water Main That Caused Outage Monday Was On Dept. of Public Utilities’ Radar Before Break

The site of the water main break.

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A major water main break in the Fan left residents all over the city without water Monday morning through Tuesday.

The Richmond Department Of Public Utilities (DPU) are still assessing the break from yesterday.

DPU tells 8News that the main that broke was on their radar as a concerned water main. As of now, there hasn’t been a final word as to the cause, but officials did say Monday that old age was a contributing factor.

An aerial photo of the water main break on Harrison and Cumberland Streets. (PHOTO: Jason Hicks)
An aerial photo of the water main break on Harrison and Cumberland Streets. (PHOTO: Jason Hicks)


The 24-inch main break happened at the intersection of South Harrison and Cumberland Streets. The intersection is currently closed as crews work to repair the break.

Some customers will experience water outages until the repair is fixed, officials say. Parts of the Fan, the Museum District, all of downtown and parts north of downtown have been impacted.

Total restoration is not likely until late tonight or early tomorrow. Officials say the time it takes depends on materials they need to repair.

Crews are on scene attempting to isolate and fix the break. So far, crews have isolated the main and are currently working to drain pipes so they can see what’s going on — this can be a process but is important because just because there’s water coming out from a location does NOT mean that’s where issue is, officials tell us.

DPU says they got a call Sunday night about water coming from street and sent a technician to check it out but at the time, it was only a small leak into a storm drain. By the morning, the leak had blown out.

Stay with 8News for the latest updates on this developing story.

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