Vandals Strike Church Hill Neighborhood

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Vandals made an ugly mess in Church Hill.

On Sunday night, they smashed several car windows and neighbors insist its an ongoing problem.

“I heard a loud, no like shattering, just a loud boom,” says Colleen Boland.

The noise that captured her attention was the sound of her shattering windshield. Someone hurled a chunk of asphalt at it.

Boland explains, “I was really surprised because it was 7:30 in the evening and I thought that was pretty courageous of them to try and vandalize cars at that time, because anyone could have been out.”

Vandals busted the back window of Mallory Ruff’s car. She found the rock they used in the back seat.

“Nothing was taken. It seemed to be just a random vandalism,” adds Ruff.

It happened at North 27th and O Street in Church Hill. Neighbors tell us this wasn’t the first, second or even third time someone’s shattered their car windows. They say vandals hit another vehicle last Friday night and other cars in the neighborhood last November. It cost Carin Jones almost $300..

“One time i think is enough,” she says “And nobody’s stealing anything, They’re just doing it to mess up people’s days.”

Neighbors believe they’re an easy target because the street light at this intersection flickers off about every five minutes. They’ve reported it to the city for repairs… But folks in the area aren’t sure fixing the light will fix the problem.

“I’d also like to see more patrolling in the area because this is a recurring problem. There are people out just sauntering around looking for problems,” says Ruff.

This is a developing story… Stay with 8News for more information.

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