The Shepherd’s Center of Chesterfield is Positively Richmond

Pam Crandol enjoys the friendships she has made volunteering for The Shepherd's Center of Chesterfield.

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Getting to a doctor’s appointment or the grocery store can be a challenge for Seniors who no longer drive, but there is a group dedicated to making sure a ride is just a phone call away.

The Shepherd’s Center of Chesterfield opened in 2001 to help.  It is a free service designed to keep people in their homes as they age.

“We keep them healthy and active and engaged in the community,” says Executive Director Susan McCammon.  “We’ve seen people just blossom in their later years. It’s just amazing.”

Pam Crandol has been a volunteer for the past eight years.  “Every day that I take somebody I’m happier than they are, you know, because I feel like I’ve done something good.”

This Shepherd’s Center branch serves twenty zip codes in South Richmond, Chesterfield and the Tri-Cities.

Last year volunteers logged more than 20,000 miles and provided 621 rides to people ages 50 and up.

“It gives them independence,” says Crandol.  “Sometimes that’s more important than seeing the doctor because so many times they don’t see people either because they are isolated because they can’t get out because they have no transportation.”

It is a win-win situation for people who get a ride and those who give it.  Volunteers often tell McCammon that they enjoy helping members of their community.
“It’s just a blessing, and they wish they started sooner if their life.”

The Shepherd’s Center of Chesterfield has recently had to put some people on a waiting list because there are not enough drivers.  If you would like to volunteer, call
(804) 706-6689.

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