Just Like A Superhero, This Pup’s Birth Left Him With Special Powers

(Photos: Facebook/My Name Is Lentil)

Lentil Bean is a tough pup with a past. He was the only one of his litter to survive and the birth was ‘ruff,’ but Lentil made it through.

Lentil is a french bulldog who was born with a severe cleft lip, nose and palate.  The roof of his mouth, or “palate,” hadn’t fully formed before he was born, so the two sides of the palate don’t join in the middle, leaving a gap, or “cleft” at the top.

Lentil suffers from the same condition that many children have and are often ridiculed for.

Lentil and his owner, Lindsay Condefer, have been using Lentil’s look to break down walls through the eyes of a puppy.

He was taken into rescue at just 2-days-old was and tube fed for 4 months until he was old enough to have his palate repaired at the University of Pennsylvania’s Veterinary School who consulted with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

After surgery, doctors had an idea: Lentil could become an “Ambassadog” to help spread the message that physical looks don’t define who you are. It turned out to be a wonderful idea.



Children connect and relate with Lentil and he’s become a beloved friend to many. Children of all kinds have become fans.

Lentil’s fans, also known as “Bean Stalkers”, follow his daily adventures on Facebook and have formed a huge online family to help spread the message of choosing to be kind to one another.


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