Fire Destroys Chesterfield Home, Starts Brush Fire

A fire destroyed an old, vacant home off Point of Rocks Road in Chesterfield Friday night.

A massive fire destroyed an old home off Point of Rocks Road in Chesterfield Friday night.

“There’s nothing left because of the construction era, the dryness of the construction,” said Battalion Chief Matt Coffin with Chesterfield Fire & EMS.

That’s why officials believe the fire spread so quickly– destroying the home they believe was built in the early 1900s.

“The roof was already on fire prior to our arrival. When we got on the scene we in fact found the house fully involved,” said Coffin.

Crews attacked the flames from the road. No one was hurt, but officials say it could’ve been much worse.

“Even with the wet weather we’ve had it dries off quickly and lends itself to dry conditions that can encourage the spread even in these fall conditions.”

The flames quickly spread from the house, creating a brush fire. Luckily crews were able to prevent it from reaching neighboring homes

“We’re thankful for the concerned citizen who called it in, we were able to get it under control,” said Coffin.

Another challenge– finding out there was still power running to the vacant home.

“We had some sounds of electrical larking, and popping as the structure was dilapidating from fire conditions, and as electrical lines became exposed to each other we had some larking.”

Dominion Power crews disconnected the lines, allowing firefighters to finish putting out the fire.

The fire is under investigation.

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