Same-Sex Couple’s Humorous Baby Announcement Goes Viral

Photo: ABC 7

A nontraditional family in Seattle chose a very nontraditional way to announce that they were having baby, but they had no idea it would garner so much attention.

Meg and Becca Owen wanted a fun way to share the news that they were expecting with their family. So, the same-sex partners took a humorous picture together wearing custom tee-shirts and posted it to Reddit, a social networking service that allows members to submit and share content.

In the photo (shown above), Meg happily sports a shirt that reads, “I’m pregnant,” while Meg has a terrified look on her face with the words “I’m not the father,” scripted on her shirt.

The imagine quickly soared to the top of Reddit, with thousands of users congratulating and offering support to the couple.

“It’s been beyond moving to see so many supportive and beautiful comments from people we don’t know from all over the world,” Meg told ABC. “We’ve seen so many loving comments, a few controversial comments and of course many amusing comments. I really had no idea so many people think I look like a female Zach Braff.”

The couple was pleased to see that their attempt at having fun with their announcement could end up being an inspiration to so many others.

“This photo has sparked hundreds of conversations on love, equality and parenting and that’s the coolest thing to see,” Meg said.

Meg added that Becca is currently in her second trimester “and looking beautiful,” and that both of their families are “beyond excited.”

“We just saw lots of love, support and tears,” Meg said. “We have two very excited grandmas-to-be.”

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