Tucker The Pig Gets To Stay For A Year With Family

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WRIC) — The battle over a pig comes to an end in Chesterfield as the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a one year conditional use permit that allows Mark and Kim Johnson to keep Tucker, their pig, in their Brandermill home.

“We’re very blessed and we’re just glad the outcome was able to stay,” said Kim Johnson, the pig’s owner.

The controversy began last June when the Johnson’s received notice from the county that the pig had to go. Brandermill isn’t zoned for farm animals but to Mark and Kim, Tucker’s more than a farm animal – he’s a member of their family. They applied for a conditional use permit and neighbors began to rally.

“The amount of amazing people we have met has just been overwhelming and just touches your heart,” said Mark Johnson, the pig’s owner.

Members of the Board of Supervisors received hundreds of emails in support of Tucker. A few people were opposed to the pig but the majority supported keeping the animal in Brandermill.

The permit has some conditions. It’s only for a year so the Johnson’s need to re-apply next January. It’s only for Tucker — no other pigs. And whenever Tucker’s outside, he must be a on a leash.

Supervisors admit this case has made them realize it may be time to update Chesterfield’s 40-year-old animal ordinances…

“We need to really look hard at what we define as a farm animal or livestock and what we might consider to be a pet in terms of being fair,” said Supervisor Art Warren.

The Johnson’s say the decision is fair and they have a lot of people to thank.

“We couldn’t have done this with all the supporters,” said Mark Johnson.

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