Del. Morrissey Gets Sworn In After Win In Special Election

After being sentenced to jail, and deciding to run as an independent after democrats tried to oust him as a nominee, Delegate Joe Morrissey was back at the capitol having this to say about the voters who put him back in office.

“Think they made a pretty emphatic statement yesterday,” said Morrissey.

But some of Morrissey’s colleagues were disappointed with the results and say in light of his sentence, he should be punished.

“The House of Delegates has a responsibility to deal with situations outside of what we feel are proper,” said Delegate John O’Bannon.

“Celibacy is a very viable option at this point to keep him out of trouble and had he been pursuing that course he wouldn’t be in this trouble,” said Delegate Bob Marshall.

The House minority leader, Democrat David Toscano, and the House speaker are discussing options.

“There’s a wide variety of options from doing nothing, to censure, to expulsion,” said Toscano.

Many agree something needs to be done so focus isn’t kept on the delegate. Others like Delegate Jennifer McClellan say the results are a product of a flawed three week special election.

“I think if we had had a longer election they probably would have been different,” said McClellan.

And as Morrissey’s colleagues discuss options, he says they’ll do what they have to.

“I can’t control other people’s behavior and if they want to take a vote that disenfranchises the 53,000 voters in my district then they should do what they think they need to do,” said Morrissey.

In order to expel Morrissey it would take two thirds or sixty seven votes in the House of Delegates. That hasn’t happened since 1876. The last time someone was censured was in the senate in 1986.

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