Woman Kisses Stranger Next To Her After Boyfriend Snubs Her On Viral Kiss Cam Video

A kiss cam video from a recent New York Knicks game has gone viral with over 6 million views.

The kiss cam video from last Thursday’s New York Knicks and Houston Rockets game at Madison Square Garden shows a woman, who looks excited to be on the kiss cam, trying to get the man on her right involved.

When she realizes he’s too preoccupied, though, the woman begins to make out with another gentleman to her left, creating a buzz throughout the arena, and a dismayed look from the preoccupied male patron sitting beside her.

Many are questioning whether this fiery display of kiss cam revenge is actually authentic or just staged by the Knicks.

“So set up. Not real,” wrote YouTube user Stephanie L. Davis.

“Very clearly staged in my opinion. The expressions of the actors, the timing and framing of the shot; it’s all very theatrical. I’m not sure how people are convinced this is real,” wrote YouTube user Damien John.

What do you think?

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