Snow Blamed For Fatal Michigan Pile-Up Of At Least 70 Cars

Photo of the massive pileup involving a semi with 40K pounds of fireworks. (Photo: Twitter/UTM16)

At least one person was killed in a pileup involving multiple cars on I-94 near Galesburg, Michigan, according to Michigan State Police.

(Photo: WDIV/Twitter)
(Photo: WDIV/Twitter)

Currently, hazmat officials are asking for a 3-mile evacuation radius near the 90 mile maker. A tractor trailer involved in the pileup was transporting some form of explosives caught fire as well as a vehicle that was carrying 40,000 pounds of fireworks.

(Photo: WDIV/Twitter)
(Photo: WDIV/Twitter)

“Lake effect” snow in southwest Michigan impacted motorists with 90 cars and 50 semis were involved in the fiery wreck that occurred early Friday morning.

There was at least one known fatality.

Trooper Rick Carlson said the interstate is shut down in both directions and will likely be closed for the next few hours.





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