Richmond Police Chief To Step Down

Richmond Police Chief Ray Tarasovic is expected to step down. A news conference will be held Friday morning by Mayor Dwight Jones.

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A change in leadership will soon be underway at the Richmond Police Department.

Mayor Dwight Jones is holding a news conference Friday morning to announce Chief Ray Tarasovic is stepping down.

Tarasovic took over as Richmond’s top cop in February 2013.

He had been assistant chief under Rodney Monroe until 2008.

Tarasovic retired, but came back to take Chief Bryan Norwood’s spot.

Norwood’s sudden departure in 2013 had many asking questions but it was known he and Mayor Dwight Jones had a rocky relationship. That’s not the case with Tarasovic and Jones.

According to multiple sources, they get along great and, two years ago, Jones asked Tarasovic to lead the police department.

Sources tell 8News both understood it would be temporary and now Tarasovic’s ready to go back into retirement.

Tarasovic has been a visible chief – showing up at crime scenes, going to community meetings, and conducting neighborhood walk-thru’s.

His first year in office, 37 people were murdered.  That number jumped to 42 last year.

Sources tell 8news Tarasovic took several weeks off in December to use up his vacation time before retirement.

Friday Mayor Jones will announce Tarasovic will be gone by the end of February.

Many believe RPD Deputy Chief Alfred Durham will take Tarasovic’s place.

He worked with Tarasovic years ago and was Monroe’s chief of staff.


In October, Durham retired from the Washington Metropolitan Police Department and a month later, he was back at RPD.


Insiders tell 8News Jones won’t name a new chief right away.  That will likely happen within the next two months.

Stay with 8News for the latest updates.

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