Adoption Wish Granted for Chesterfield Same-Sex Couple

It was the news Shirley Lesser and India Lipton had been patiently waiting for.

On Friday, a letter from the state of Virginia arrived that granted Shirley parental rights to India’s two-year-old son Dylan.

“It was elation, joy and a little bit of ‘ugh, it’s about time!” Lesser told 8News reporter Claudia Rupcich.

After almost 11 years together, the couple got married in October when it was legalized in the state. Immediately after, they filed the adoption papers.

“To be able to say, ‘Yes she is legally his parent,’ so in that way if i weren’t able to speak for him, she can have the say that any other normal parent would, is a wonderful thing for us because it was a concern,” Lipton said.

It was mainly a concern because of Dylan’s medical history. He was born 11 weeks prematurely and has since been battling brain injuries and hearing loss.

“He’s had 17 brain surgeries, so we’re obviously in the hospital a lot dealing with complicated issues in the emergency room in situations where it makes a big difference if you can say, ‘Yes I’m his parent and I can speak for what he needs.'” Lipton added.

The adoption also comes just in time before Dylan starts school.

It’s a happy ending after years of fighting to make their love official and now making history with this adoption.

“For me I knew this would happen eventually,” Lesser said. “What I didn’t know is that I would benefit so personally from it. Not only that i can legally marry the love of my life, my wife, but also have legal rights to what I think is the most beautiful child in the world.”

The moms say one of the goals for 2015 is for Dylan to be able to walk.

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