UPS Surprises Family By Returning Soldier Home

A New Jersey family had extra reason to celebrate this holiday season thanks to a surprise delivery… all the way from the Middle East!

8News affiliate 6ABC Action News followed a film crew documenting the UPS’ ‘Your Wishes Delivered’ program.

The big brown truck picked up Corporal Matthew Morrison of the New Jersey Army National Guard at the Philadelphia International Airport on Christmas morning.

Then, the crew headed to Morrison’s home. Just a block away, the corporal and the UPS driver prepared to execute their plan.

They strategized… Morrison would wait in the back of the truck and the driver would persuade his wife and stepson to come outside.

“It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen them both so butterflies are really starting to kick in,” Morrison said.

You can hear a shout of joy — “oh my god!” — from Morrison’s stepson, Ryan.

Morrison embraced Ryan, then his wife Carolyn, and kissed her belly, holding his unborn baby due in March.

“We got married in May, he left in June, found out I was pregnant in July,” Carolyn said.

“I really missed him a lot. He really means a lot to me; not seeing him for so long, it really hurt,” Ryan said.

Morrison will head back in a few days to finish his one-year deployment.

In the meantime, Ryan and family will enjoy the best Christmas present they could ever imagine.

“It beats anything possible, everything, as long as he is home,” Ryan said.

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