Letter To Santa Gets Connecticut Grandfather Christmas Off Work

A grandfather in Connecticut is getting a gift directly from Santa that he will likely never forget.

Leo Otero has his grandson to thank for getting Christmas day off work.

Toys weren’t at the top of Oter’s grandson, Julian’s Christmas list.

Instead, Julian had a very specific request for the manager of the Madison Beach Hotel.

He wrote Santa a handwritten note that read, “my greatest wish is that you talk to my grandfather’s boss Mr. John Mathers and ask him if he could give my grandfather Christmas day off.”

“We always spent Christmas together so this would have been my first Christmas without them,” Otero told WFSB in Connecticut.

Julian couldn’t let the opportunity to make a request to Santa slip by without asking for one more thing, though.

Julian finished off the letter by saying, “if you have time and think I earned it, I would also love a Xbox 360. Thanks Santa.”

Otero said his daughter saw the note and shared it with him.

“It’s real touching and being that he’s my older grandson, I had to do something,” Otero said.

Otero then shared it with his manager.

In response, Mathers drafted up a memo which said, “(Santa) was concerned that you were planning to work on Christmas Day. Your grandchildren are quite upset about this! I think it would be best if you planned to take the day off and spend it with your family. Work can wait until after Christmas.”

“This is the first time I’ve had a direct intervention from Santa Claus himself,” Mathers said. “This is what the holidays are about.”

Otero said he was “relieved” with his manager’s response.

The hotel manager even tried to help Julian’s grandfather out by asking him, “Did you know that Julian wants an XBox 360? Santa is not sure he’s ready for such a fancy toy.”

“He deserves it though, hahahah, he’s so sweet,” Julian’s mother said.

So the good news is the grandfather is getting the day off. As for the Xbox 360, only time will tell if Santa delivers.

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