Lawyers: Ex-Gov Should Volunteer, Not Go To Prison

Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen McDonnell | AP Photo

An international relief organization wants a judge to allow former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell to perform community service rather than serve prison time for his federal corruption convictions.

Operation Blessing International said Tuesday it collaborated with defense attorneys and offered McDonnell jobs heading its hunger relief program in Appalachia or working at its orphanage and fish farm in Haiti.

According to the Washington Post, the U.S. probation office is recommending a prison sentence of at least 10 years and one month.

Tuesday is the deadline for lawyers to submit sentencing recommendations. McDonnell faces up to decades in prison, although federal sentencing guidelines likely will call for much less.

The guidelines are preliminary, and even if finalized, Judge James R. Spencer is not required to follow them, the Washington Post reports. The Post also said that Spencer and other Virginia judges typically follow the probation office’s advice.

The former governor and his wife, Maureen, were convicted of accepting more than $165,000 in gifts and loans from the CEO of a dietary supplements company in exchange for promoting his products. Maureen McDonnell will be sentenced Feb. 20.

McDonnell is scheduled to be sentenced January 6. His wife’s sentencing is scheduled for February 20.

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4 thoughts on “Lawyers: Ex-Gov Should Volunteer, Not Go To Prison

  1. The Contrast between a Democratic Targeted Republication Assassinations and
    Democratic Self Ordained Absolute Impunity of Democrats and any and all Laws, Responsibility, Corruption, and Ethics is oh, so, TRANSPARENT.
    Where is that Fed Investigation into McAuliffe/Clinton friends and family Con, or the Trayvon,
    or the Brown Fed Investigations? All PC easy, safe and conveniently “Lerer Lost”.


  2. Say Morrissey and McDonnell picture beside each other. A stark contrast between those
    Democratically Attacked, Assassinated, and Prosecuted and Democrats under Self-Ordained
    Absolute Impunity of any and all Laws and Responsibilities.
    Most Transparent is the Democratic DO-Injustice Just for US System, from the Highest Echelons, state, local right on down to the lowest common denominator rioter.


  3. If this man is not required to serve time, precedence will be set. He deceived the public trust and needs to pay his debt to society.


  4. Sorry, but he’s a convicted felon and should serve time just like any other felon! He knew exactly what he was doing, knew that it was illegal, as well as immoral, and betrayed the people of the Commonwealth, all for his personal gain!


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