Chinese Doctors Punished for “Surgery Selfies”

These doctors and medical professionals are under fire, after taking a series of "surgery selfies" with patients on the operating table. (Photo: Twitter/SCMP_News)

Several staff members of a Chinese hospital have been reprimanded, after photos of them posing with seemingly unconscious patients circulated on the internet.

A few different photos posted on the Sina Weibo blog show the doctors and nurses in scrubs, posing with partially-clothed patients on the operating table.

Several Chinese media sites then Tweeted out the photos.

After a public outcry, the Xi’an Bureau of Public Health removed three top executives, which were reportedly taken in August at a hospital in the province of Shaanxi. Additionally, other health workers in the pictures were reprimanded and docked three months’ pay.

The hospital issued a public apology for the pictures.

“Our staff members have neglected the possible negative consequences of their actions, we will undergo an in depth review of the incident,” the statement reads.

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