The Force is Strong With These Christmas Lights

A music teacher from Newark, California has become a local celeb for his epic Christmas light display.

People come from neighborhoods and galaxies far, far away to see the elaborate light show, which is perfect timed to match songs from “Star Wars.”

“The beams can be seen for miles but I went out of my way to avoid shining the beams on houses and flight paths,” Tom BetGeorge, the brainchild behind this design, wrote in the description on his YouTube video. “The neighbors are very supportive especially since I use the display to raise money for the poor and homeless through my church.”

It’s safe to say that BetGeorge was feeling the force with this set up, which uses around 100,000 lights, a guitar, piano and drums that all play real notes.

This is his second year setting up the decorations and judging by the success of this year’s display with more than 2 million views on YouTube, it’s a hobby BetGeorge’s fans hope he’ll continues for years to come.

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