Stay Connected: Download the 8News Apps

Take the 8News team with you everywhere you go with the 8News Apps!

8News App

Want the latest local news and weather? Then you need to download the 8News App now! Available for both Apple and Android devices.

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The 8News Mobile App is your on-the-go source for local stories, breaking news, weather and hometown sports for all of Central Virginia! The 8News App also brings you the latest updates on weather, GPS-enabled traffic monitoring, local and national news.

The weather features include live radar and satellite imagery, hour-by-hour forecasts, 8-day forecasts, tropical storm tracking and more.

Download the 8News App now by going to the Apple Store or to Google Play.

8News Stormtracker App

Want up-to-the-minute weather info? Download the 8News Stormtracker App and get instant alerts when dangerous weather is nearby – it’s just one of the ways the 8News StormTracker Weather Team is helping to prepare and protect you.

WX launch screen Current Weather ConditionsHour by Hour Interactive RadarSet Locations  

 Download the 8News StormTracker App for your Apple or Android devices.

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